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Microsoft Lync 2013

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Microsoft Lync 2013
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Lincoln has been a corporate web conference with Microsoft and talked. In the latest version, in 2013, and Lincoln took it.


Lincoln can shake the stick and not more. Microsoft has had a good experience in creating chat client base for years. Lincoln has no size, but video connectivity and powerful sharing tools.

To determine the level, believe me as it applies. Contextual current status has clearly shown thatit’s gone. It’s because it’s integrated in Outlook Express and I know someone should talk to me. Cricket Captain 2016 torrent download

Useful protection for the excitement of Lincoln. You can share audio, video, screens, such as whiteboards and surveys. This is a new version of Lincoln HD video. Microsoft uses SVC to broadcast it with certainty that they have created 1080p video.


voice And I see the speed and speed of vocatfuisse usage, even the state of Uuderwater Architecture network MicrosoftLincoln has been working hard to refurbish the feature if there are any failures or slow networks available.

Fully redesigned interface 3 8 It looks like a Windows app. All slick, white and blue. It seems a bit boring for you, but it’s fast adjusting.

From Lincoln, all of its features use straightforward, it can not be won clearly. This is not to know how to do something, if you never used before Lincolnversion Andin all its ways, above them or anywhere, you can point them through the point of contact and communicate with them.

Between Lincoln, on a big screen, a Book excerpt where there is experience communicating with Google Search Appearance to show you to show preview video chats for sharing. This is an easy task that is a mass movement of the masses.

Politeque said the ecosystem

All this is more than today, and this Microsoft ecosystem is facingLincolnIa challenge is an overall ecosystem. In addition, the Windows Phone 8 app is great. Also, there are plans for iOS and Android versions.

MicrosoftLincoln knows that all users are not installed on the computer without the need for a Lincoln web application. Doing so does not allow users to browse them, in modern logLync. HD video and web applications have the ability to instant messenger, VoIP, and desktop sharing.

It’s not the latest, Microsoft needs to unite the Fronttalk about Lincoln. That is, contact Lyne Skype for access.


Although Microsoft refuses users to use Skype, corporate users refuse to reject Lincoln. And it will be a problem, which is best thought out, though, in Lyncclients chat there today. There are some excellent features and a good interface. By perfectly integrating other products, the Microsoft Lync ecosystem can be used properly.


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