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Tomb Raider 2018

Tomb Raider 2018 German fast-dl Snickers movie torrent download





Tomb Raider 2018
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Lara Croft, an independent daughter of the « Lost Player », has to retreat beyond her boundaries when she is on an island where her father was not. Lara Croft is a wild daughter who was lost as a young daughter. Now she is a 21-year-old woman who has no purpose and purpose. Lara is surroundedthe streets of east east east London as a bicycle basket without paying taxes, attending college classes and regularly teaching classes. He was ignored in his own way, refusing to turn his back to the father’s world empire, because he denied the idea that he had reachedthe truth He was advised to deal with the truth and continued without him seven years later, even Lara could not understand what ultimately forced him to unravel the mystery of his extraordinary death. He fulfills his last desires and leaves everything he knows at the last angle of his father:the legendary tombstone island somewhere near the coast of Japan. But his message will not be easy; Getting to the island will be very criminal. Suddenly the piles did not lift you .. .

Tomb Raider The film is based on the same name, the 2013 video video that was used for the characterLara Croft’s character during the release of a hard and terrible tomb raider. Finding the symptoms that his father has chosen in Britain brings the action of Lara to the Japanese Yamatese island, which hides him no longer with the adventures of the grave.

Language: English

Topic: no

Note: NO

Release Date:March 15, 2018

Type: Action / Adventure

Runtime: not available

Distributors: Photos by Warner Bros.

Call: Alicia Vinander, Walton Goggins, Daniel Woo, Dominic West

Director: Lot Utyag

Mach: 2D


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